• Bury The Words

    This TOMBSTONE is a physical reminder of the DAY that I buried the words "I Can't". It sits on my book shelf, in my home office, as a visual representation that I have zero limitations on what I can do, be and have in this lifetime!
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  • This is What I Roll In..

    I'm just your everyday guy who drives a Chevy 4x4 "Man Truck" and who wears jeans, work boots and a white t-shirt, with a ball cap. You can find me on the mountain bike trails, at Barnes & Noble or at the local Cirlce K, grabbing a cold Mountain Dew!
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  • Right Mentor = Money

    If I had to name only ONE person who had helped shape and influence my beliefs about success, prosperity, wealth and freedom, it would have to be none other than the GREAT Joe Schroeder himself. Through private coaching, late nights at New Jersey diners, swimming with him at Glenn "The Rockstar" Mangers place, speaking at his Wisdom School events, etc... my inner GAME was solidified Schroeder Style!
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  • Physical Wealth

    Once you begin to make more money than you need each month (ie, you have a surplus of available cash that grows over and beyond your monthly expenses) then it's wise to put some of that money into physical wealth, such as gold and silver bullion. I use my gold and silver as a physical (as well as) visual representation for wealth, stability and security.
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Hi, my name’s Tim Berger. That’s me, in the picture above. It’s not too often that you see a picture of someone standing next to a tombstone with the words “Here Lie The Words I Can’t” on it. There’s a reason for posting it here…

I wanted to set this site apart from every other “me to” page out there. You know the ones with the slick homes, pretty babes, fancy cars and lots of CASH flying around.

You seeing a picture of an average guy standing next to a tombstone symbolizes normalcy, that I’m just like you. No one special. I’m not some guru hiding behind a gated mansion or expensive sunglasses.

I’m a blue collar ex-restuarant worker turned “Man Giant”.

I decided one day that I’d no longer allow anyone to control my own destiny. That day was January 9th, 2001. I walked out of Red Lobster with NO money in the bank, NO other job opportunities, NO clear direction as to where I was headed. I just knew I had to get out and FAST.

In 2006, I was introduced to one man who helped get me on course after years of flopping around like a fish out of water. His name is Joe Schroeder. He got me on track by breathing “Can Do” into me. By boosting my self-image, I in turn boosted my self-confidence. Which in a predictable domino effect, boosted my income.

Today, I am free. No job. No ties to a pay-check. No going to a boss asking for a raise or asking when I can go home. I am in 100% control of my own destiny.

The lesson here is that when you invest in yourself, the dividends can be greater than you ever thought possible.

There are two programs that stand out to me that have made me a reliable ongoing income for a long time to find out more about them click the links below.

Little Ticket to Wealth

Buyer Lead Pro

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